Abenaki Warrior

The Life and Times of Chief Escumbuit

by Alfred E. Kayworth


Escumbuit Island

Escumbuit Island (46354 bytes)
Photo by:  Dr. Keith A. Emery



"Having spent twelve summers as a youngster living at the Shepard camp on Escumbuit Island, I was totally fascinated by Kayworth's novel of Big Island Pond. Chief Escumbuit became a real and important figure instead of the legend he was to me as a boy. Perhaps the thought of flying in space and then, to the moon itself, was being formulated in the back of my mind in those days!"

Alan Shepard
Rear Admiral, US Navy
First American in Space

"Having personally visited Big Island Pond on many occasions to be with my good friend Al Kayworth, and having spent time on Escumbuit Island, I believe that this book, so beautifully written and so historically accurate, will stand as a magnificent memorial to Chief Escumbuit and the Abenaki Indians.

Francis X. Bellotti
Former Lt. Governor of Massachusetts
Former Attorney General